Solar Smart Street Light

May be you are surprised to hear a new name of Solar Street light from Sukoon that is Solar Smart Street Light. We call it smart because Sukoon believes in providing smart products to all over as the person showing interest to deal with Sukoon is also smart.

Solar Smart Street Light made up of LED lamp for optimal illumination, Solar Panel to capture Sun Rays, a storage battery, lamp controller, pole etc. due to huge climate change affected by greenhouse gases, now non-conventional energy source are being replaced by Solar Energy in form of Solar Light. Sukoon provide solar Smart Street light which operates automatically according to sun light. Sukoon has vast experience of Supply, install and commission of number of Solar Smart Street Light, due to additional features, for what Sukoon call it a Smart Light.

Sukoon Powertek LLP also known as Sukoon Power Technology can also provide AC LED Lights which runs on AC power supply. The solution of centralized control of Street light with the help of Solar PV is also available.

The main features of "Sukoon" Solar Smart Street Light are as:

  • No monthly Tariff of Electricity.
  • 25 Years of life with superior quality of photovoltaic module.
  • Kind of clean energy accelerates development of human ecology residential district and reduce property management cost.
  • No risk of line voltage or metering of power failure.
  • High and long life performance due to IP 65 protected luminary.
  • A high strength pole that can bear 5400 pa of wind pressure.
  • Automatic operation with Dusk to down technology.
  • Free from maintenance except Battery.

The main specification of the Solar Smart Street Light are:

  • MPPT base and IEC compliance controller with intensity of 110lm/watt of luminary that will run for long.
  • High efficiency with 25 years of long life polycrystalline Solar PV modules.
  • Over charge and under voltage protection of battery that is having low maintenance and long life with low discharge rate.
  • Galvanized Pole following IS 2633/1972 standard.
  • Excellent quality of battery that stick to normal lighting even in rainy days.

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