Solar Panel

So Called Solar Panel or Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Module is the main component for natural energy source "SUN" to Electricity Conversion. Sun Energy converts into DC Power with the help of Solar Panel, which further converted into AC Power with the help of Solar Inverters. The amount of Sun Energy converting into DC Power depending upon the efficiency of the Solar Panel and further Efficiency of the Solar Panel depending upon the quality of Solar Cells, Glass, EVA and other prime materials used. Sukoon Powertek LLP also known as Sukoon Power Technology has expertness to choose quality material as per IS standards that will be used to prepare Solar PV Module according to MNRE Norms and deliver superior products as required by customers. Sukoon Powertek LLP has registered Trade Mark Brand "Sukoon". Solar PV module are also approved by one of the MNRE Accredited lab.

Sukoon do have higher control on quality part of the product. An experienced engineer always monitoring the output quality of Solar PV Module till it has been received by client and installed on site with its superior performance. We are available 24X7 for any technical support that makes our clients expert in adopting renewable technology.

The main features of "Sukoon" Solar PV Modules are as:

  • Wide Range from 5Wp to 300Wp.
  • Multi and Mono crystalline PV Modules.
  • Providing PV Modules approved by MNRE Accredited Labs, prepared as per MNRE guidelines.
  • Tolerance +/- 3%, plug and play Connectors with maximum power transmission ability.
  • IP 65, 1000VDC, with Schottky By-Pass diodes.
  • High transparent efficient & Low Iron tempered Glasses that can bear load up to 5400 pa.
  • Clear anodized aluminium alloy frame with high load bearing Strength.

If we look forward to quality of the "Sukoon" PV Modules, So we do provide:

  • High Accuracy measurement at manufacturing end with range of PV Modules by Sukoon.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Product.
  • Final Quality assessment of each order at manufacturing end by experienced quality engineer of Sukoon.
  • A biodegradable packing that protect the product from edge to surface to prevent from any breakage.

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