Solar Smart Home System

Due to Automated control of each and every Electrical apparatus of the Home, we used the term smart home. As you know almost more than 300 days a year Sun light is available in many countries throughout Globe, to utilize this huge amount of sun energy to every single door, Sukoon providing a smart system for home. This will not only enable power and brighten house but also saves money that usually paid for Tariff.

Sukoon offering a technology to manage home power system in smart way, Sukoon has wide experience to supply, install and commission Solar home power plant and convert it into smart system by applying automation system where a user will be able to operate home electricity appliances by remote as well as by mobile application that also in affordable way.

Environment and economic benefits of Solar Smart Home Lighting System are:

  • No dependency on Grid which saves monthly Electricity Tariff.
  • Huge 2 to 3 days of Autonomy (Power back up) with little maintenance after years.
  • Relief from use of fuel which saves cost of approx. Rs. 10000 per year for generating 5 units (Kwh/day).
  • Reduces local air pollution and offsets Green House Gases.
  • Long lasting LEDs for increased life of 60000 Hours and superior comfort with easy installation and flexible design.
  • It directly effects and improve the literacy level especially in urban areas.
  • Reduce fire accidents.
  • Extend the working hours and days in rural areas due to free electricity.
  • Low battery & cut off indicators for smart battery management.
  • Built in over load, short circuit, open circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Low maintenance deep cycle batteries.
  • Higher back up under cloudy weather.
  • Superior efficiency of PV Module, Inverter, Charge Controller and batteries to run over long life.
  • Mobile charger socket built in and Customized solution with extra load.
  • Cost Payback period within 3 to 5 years.
  • Additional features of Automation with remote operation where any authorize member can operate home lights from anywhere in the world by mobile app with extra efforts.

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