A Huge contribution to Our HON'BLE Prime Minister's Vision to Green, Renewable INDIA.

A Most adorable System for the world which can solve huge problems of lack of Electricity of any nation is Solar Power Plant which mainly consist of Solar PV Module and Smart Grid Inverter. By utilizing the natural sources like Sun Light is like boosting up development and economy of the nation. Sun is the only source which can available more than 300 days a year in most of the Asian Countries. Sukoon Powertek LLP which is also known as Sukoon Power Technology having experience to grab the maximum sun light by installing Solar Power Plant, It is based on conversion of Sunlight into Electricity, either directly using Photovoltaic or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Sukoon's high efficient solar cells provide maximum power output of PV module to Inverter which enables power plant to generate maximum units (Kwh) per day.

We do EPC, Turnkey Solution because, we think we can deliver against belief of the people and government as Sukoon Powertek LLP also known as Sukoon Power Technology having wide experience to take care of Design, Development, Engineering, Construction & Maintenance of Small and Large Scale Solar Power Plant which can either be used for captive consumption, Commercial purpose, PPA or REC with all Government approvals.

Why Go for Solar Power Plant?

The main Economical and Environment benefits of adopting Solar Power plants are:

  • Fast recovery of Investment within 3 to 5 year & then Free of cost electricity up to 25 years.
  • Relief from high amount of Electricity tariff every month.
  • Huge saving from 80% Accelerated Depreciation.
  • Relief from dependency on DG Sets & Electricity Grid.
  • Benefit of Carbon Credit due to drastic reduction in Green House Gas in Environment.
  • Advantage of Central and state Solar Policies considering Subsidy.
  • More than 85% deduction of fossil fuel which lead to healthier environment.
  • Customized solution for back up as well as for automation system of lighting load.
  • Defensive considering future price increase and growing inflation rate.
  • Huge saving of water with Solar Plant to generate same amount of Electricity from any other source.
  • Saving from burning of coal and huge amount of cut of trees, if using Solar Plant.
  • Utilization of free shadow free space by installing Solar Power Plant.

Where can I Install Solar Power Plant?

One can Go Green by installing Solar Power Plant at their Premises which includes

  • On any of Industry for captive consumption.
  • On Government & Private Institutions for mission Go Green.
  • On free unutilized land or space to get benefit of PPA or REC.
  • For higher demand electricity residences to get relief from tariff.
  • For Hotels, Motels, Commercial complexes etc.

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